With a cowgirl spirit, XOXOart & Co. is a rural based Texas company sitting on the Fayette County line.  Surrounded by cattle and country air, chickens and goats, we live the life that is portrayed in our T-shirts and jewelry.  We are three educators - Susan, a former principal in the private sector with a Master's Degree, Ronda, a former High School art teacher and a specialist in beading & jewelry design, and Kim, a former High School art teacher with a Master of  Fine Art degree in Graphic Design with a specialization in illustration.
Susan, Ronda, and Kim have created XOXOart & Co., LLC, where ALL ART starts as an illustration-on-paper.  We design inspired wearable T-shirt art & unique jewelry using metal, art, hand-beading & Swarovski crystals.  We also specialize in custom work.  
XOXOart & Co., LLC is a GO TEXAN company!
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For store fronts: we try very hard to protect your "area" within your zip code or close proximity to your store.  We do not zip code protect businesses without a store front, including on-line businesses.  Our line has grown; we have over 800 pieces of jewelry and 300 shirts.  We DO split our line for stores that are in the same "area"  but we will zip code protect the items you have purchased - this is especially important to "stores" in co-op situations (i.e. unless you are buying our entire line, please do not list XOXOart & Co. exclusively to your store).  To continue being protected, we do require a frequent reorder, at least every 3-4 months. We cannot guarantee exclusivity at trade shows, rodeos, etc. as we cannot always know where our shirts and jewelry are headed - we try to stay informed!
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Policy of Zip Code Protection

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